Let’s Go Somewhere

You May Need a Passport and Not Know It…

It was recently brought to my attention that in 2005 the REAL ID act was enacted and this could mean that some of us, US citizens, will need passports to fly domestically. That’s right. If you are planning any trips in 2016, you might want to know more about this law. I am amazed that this has not been made a bigger deal about in

Let’s Create Something!

DIY Ornament Storage on the Cheap

You’ve seen the great organization boxes all over the stores right now right? And many of them focus on Christmas storage because we are all packing up our decorations. They have it all – tree, wreath, lights, and ornament storage as well as just pretty red and green boxes for everything else. Many years ago, I was lucky enough to score ornament storage boxes in

Let’s Get Healthy

Accountability Day

Fresh beginnings? A new you? What do you want as we enter 2016? I’ve been reading about creating a word of the year – this is the word you’ll focus on from the best I can tell. I’ve decided my word of 2016 will be ME!  Selfish? Maybe, but maybe you’ll understand if I explain a little more. You see I have a habit of